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I would first like to tell you about myself​  

I was born with the ability to read and help others, my great grandmother has it my grandmother has it my mother has it my sisters have it and I have it and now my daughter has it. When I was just six years old I was unable to stay in a public school or private school because I was able to pick up on other peoples emotions and energy's and I was not able to recognize the difference so I would be happy at one moment and be sad the next moment and excited at another moment so I needed to be pulled out of school and be homeschooled until I learned how to manage it properly and at 16 years old I dedicated myself to helping others and I have been doing just that since then. I am gifted with intuitions in a way where others will benefit from my gift as well. I tell past present future and I give advice on love, marriage, business and I can help others to create and develop their own intuitions so that they too can help themselves on decision-making. I bring clarity to those that are in need of feeling and understanding their path ahead of them. Understanding the past and what we have learned from it is important so that we can look forward and create the future ahead of us. I have reunited soulmates and love ones, I have experienced family members that have been apart and re-united them as well. I also do past life aggression which I am abel to go through your past and your current life and your last life to recognize the differences and how karma play in that if any. Karma is very important to recognize as there is good karma and bad karma. 


Our Clients

  • Courtney S.

Click to  I entered the premises not knowing what to expect, previously I've had my plan read before but that's about it. I decided to do a reading. Eva was a very cordial, nice and genuine. After exchanging social pleasantries she wasted no time jumping into my skin. I went in completely open minded and I felt connected, heard and understood by someone without even having to express it through words. I virtually did not speak the entire first portion of the session nor asked questions... she just knew me. She was honest and straightforward about aspects of my personality whether I liked it or not... but she was right. She also brought up and understood very personal circumstances; not your run of the mill vague, but nail on the head type stuff. If anyone is skeptical go to this lady; she'll blow your mind. I'm a logic based thinker with good intuition of cutting through bs or being "duped". Seriously I don't "buy into" things easily. This lady is the real deal. I left extremely satisfied with my time and would recommend her to anyone trying this for the first time or anyone who is seeking guidance as well.

 This Title.


She is ri ght on point. She gives private sessions out from her home. It feels much better to know that I am able to reach out to her when needed and she is available for me :-) she was able to advise me on personal situations that that have been very troubling to me at one point, but now feeling much more clear on changes that I can make that would help me go forward on my life journey. Without even mentioning anything to her she picked up on situations in my past that had been very meaningful to me. And also mentioned a future event that would be taking place that I can depend on happening.

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