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Before coming into this lifetime your soul had a specific destiny or purpose that it had agreed to complete. Once this purpose was made it is now your soul contract. Soul contracts are the deal you made with yourself in order to help you evolve and grow to a higher state of awareness and along with it, you are also given some help along the way by your spirit guides, angels, and people to help to help you. If you’re open enough, you are able to receive messages, clues and signs as to whether you are following your highest good and destined path

When someone experiences negativity from a previous life, They can enter into a lifetime with those experiences, whether its fears of rejection from relationships, abandonment issues, not having a high self of worth, insecurities, and many other types of difficult emotions that they can carry throughout their life.

That is the time when a soul contract needs to be completed. It can stop us from accomplishing our goals in life. Some of the times we can find ourselves in challenging relationships patterns that we cant seem to break and fall in these patterns over and over again, or we feel as if we will never meet the right one, and Thus creating soul contract blockage. This needs to be healed before any otter love can be entered in our hearts.

We have many different types of soul connections that can help us complete, heal, and grow through out our life paths. It doesn’t have to be necessarily with just one person, we can have many different types of soul contracts with other soul connections, they can be with soulmates, karmic soulmates and of course, twin flames.

There is a difference with soulmates, and twin flame contracts. With win flames, they have a much more intense and potent magnetic energy force that is attached with an Astro connection to them. When it comes to twin flame union there are always trials and tests with life lessons they need to experience and learn from.

Some soul contracts can sometimes take years, or possibly even decades to change completely. But you can be freed from these painful and hurtful patterns AND change them completely once you learn the lessons that your soul contract is trying to teach you. You can then become wiser and grow from these soul contracts and take back control over your life.

Try to understand how this contract challenged you and served you. Before you can break the contract you first need to understand the problem. First you have to relax, accept your journey, and move to shine that journey with positive light. Then you are letting the doors open for great a thing that’s within your destiny to come along.

Also, know that if you want any kind of change to happen, you first have to begin with your inner self first. Work on your inner self so that you can shine a light into other’s journeys. Know that reflecting our own personal light onto others and giving out good energy to others. This will help sync your spirit with the universe, and that of your twin flame much more rapid than just continuing to worry and dwell on it.

Remember, you are love; love is within you and always has been. Share this love with others and show them how to be open, humble, and bring light to the universe. You will then see the universe begin to answer back to your questions.

Note that soul contracts are not meant to set in stone. We all have free will it is apart of our soul’s journey in life, and this is something that we will always have control over. We have choices and opportunities that are right in front of us; it’s our decision to make these choices. We have the power and ability to manage our life in any direction that we choose. No one is to blame for our choices with our soul path that we decide to take in our life.



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