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I offer readings that range from $40 to $150 and it depends on what reading you would want to do or what reading would be satisfying to your interest, I offer the palm reading for $40, the card reading is $60, the Psychic reading is $100 and the card and Psychic together is $150. Just let me know if you would like to set a time to come in and see me. You will get a quicker response if you text me 949-403-1002



The Palm Reading is a reading that i give by reading your palms and reading the lines in the hand to tell general information about you and the future.


The Tarot Card Reading is a reading that depends on the cards and what they would want to tell you, a card reading can be very general or very specific depending on you energy. it would usually tell you more about what is going on around you and a bit of past, present and future.


The Psychic Reading  ​is a reading that foccuses on your energy and gives more information about past, present and future and gives advice on lifes journey, it focuses on the soul and the spirit to give the right advice.

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